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Antique Microscope Slides Wanted

We are always looking to purchase Victorian and vintage microscope slides. Whether that may be a few old slides in a tatty box or a large collection in a fine cabinet. We buy from individuals who may be clearing out a relative`s attic, to schools and institutions that need to make space. All too often, collections end up in the bin because people don`t know what they have. Give us a call for a friendly, honest, no obligation appraisal. You may be surprised at the value!

I am also looking to buy Microscope boxes and cabinets in all conditions. These can often be restored to their former glory, thereby providing storage and display for future years.

Antique microscopes. Large or small, in any condition.

Microscope oil lamps.

Microscope accessories. These can be single objective lenses, ringing tables, bulls-eye lenses, preparation equipment etc.) all items considered.

Any other antique Scientific Instruments. Globes, sundials, sand glasses. Telescopes etc.

Auction houses typically charge 10% – 25% to a vendor selling their items and 15% – 25% commision to a buyer, a total of 35% – 50% which the auctioneers cream off. In addition they will charge a fee for each lot listed and additional fees for photographs and cataloging. On top of these high charges, you will typically have to wait at least 28 days for your money.

Give me a call to avoid these charges and delays, and compare my offer to the auction house estimates.

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