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Large & Impressive Husbands of Bristol Binocular Microscope

I am pleased to able to offer a fine, large Binocular Microscope oufit by 'Husbands' of Bristol. Dating to around 1860, this Impressive Brass Microscope is in fine condition with an array of original fittings and accessories. Housed in its original fitted Mahogany cabinet and displaying all the atributes of a fine quality instrument from the mid 1800's.

Standing on a 'Y' shaped foot with additional buttress supports, typical of these larger Microscopes. Double sided plano/concave mirror in a gimble. The substage runs on a rack and pinion and has an additional dovetail slide for extended travel and ease of changing the various condenser elements. The stage itself is graduated and fully rotating by means of a geared wheel which can be engaged or dissengaged. Mounted on top of this assembly is another fully rotating mechanical stage with X-Y axis adjustment. The Course focus is by rack and pinion attached to a very large and robust rectangular column, again typical of these very large Microscopes. There is a graduated fine focus adjustment within the top limb. The binocular tubes contain the Wenham prism and have twin wheeled adjustment by rack & pinion for the eyepieces.

Objective lenses are all by Husbands and come in their original and very decorative brass canisters. Two sets of eyepieces and a single example. Darkfield condenser and polarising element complete thi fine outfit.

In excellent condition. all mechanical parts move smoothly and optically ok. The original lacquer mostly survives ok but some parts of he microscope appear to have been overpolished in the past. The cabinet has a couple of pieces of trim missing from its panelled door and the key is missing from its high quality (and expensive) Bramah lock.

The Microscope stands approx 22" high and weighs a substantial 19kg with its cabinet and accessories.

£3000 + Shipping.

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