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Group of 17 Microscope specimen slides by Martin Burgess

Group of 17 Microscope specimen slides by Martin Burgess.

A superb group of slides by Martin Burgess dating to the early 1870’s. Slides by this maker are not uncommon but to find a group in this condition is certainly a rarity.
The labelling is clean and bright and the decorative papers are mostly in near to mint condition.

A varied range of subject matter enhances the group, with some specimens not seen before by this mounter.

Later owners’ labels have been applied to some slides, (likely to be cabinet location references) but these could probably be removed with some care to reveal the “MARTIN BURGESS” beneath. The slide “Wings of Bee showing Hooklets” has a crack across the corner of the cover slip.

A group of slides in superb condition to enhance any collection.


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