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Rare Group of Parasite slides by Charles Rothschild

This is a very rare group of fleas and parasites by Charles Rothschild.

In ‘near to mint’ condition with one displaying a British Museum label.

The Charles Rothschild collection of specimens & microscope slides was bequeathed to the Natural History Museum in 1913.
I acquired these slides directly from a (now elderly) close friend of Miriam Rothschild, the Daughter of Charles and an expert in her own right in this field.
To my knowledge, Microscope slides by Charles Rothschild have never been seen on the open market before. The specimens are professionally mounted and there is every possibility that they are the work of H.W.H Darlaston, who was known to have mounted specimens for Miriam.

Much information about Charles and Miriam Rothschild and their work in the study of fleas and parasites is feely available on the web.

I have more detail on the provenance of this group of slides for anyone who is interested.

Temporarily no longer for sale