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Collection of Antique Victorian Microscope Slides in a C Baker Display Cabinet

A superb collection of 420 Microscope slides all housed within a Victorian Pine display cabinet by Charles Baker.
A varied collection of mounts covering a wide range of subjects. Including; Zoophyes, Polyzoa, Minerals, Petrology, Human and Animal histology. Insects and Insect histology, Butterfly wings, Pollen and Seeds. Plant histology etc.
Some slides are oversized, others mounted on wood or card. Some deep fluid mounts and others uncovered.

Mostly professionally made but many with their original labels removed and relabelled by a previous owner, probably around 1920.
Makers include John Barnett, Charles Morgan Topping, Norman, Samuel Stevens etc. Quite a few have diamond etched descriptions on the slides.

Overall a great collection of Victorian slides housed in a period cabinet.

£2400 + Shipping.

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